New More Floor Heating Film (soft) 1㎡



New More Floor Heating Film (soft) 1㎡

  • Safety first

Featuring CE certification, waterproof level reaches IPX7 level, it has passed 100,000 hours of waterproof test to ensure safety and it can work normally even in water.

  • Ultrathin

Soft heating film is less than 1mm, waterproof, abrasion and impact resistance, and more flexible, so that its application fields are more extensive.

  • Efficient energy

With graphene as the core heating material, the product has a thermal conversion rate of more than 90%.

  • Comfort

There is no static electricity and no electromagnetic radiation. It releases 8-15μm far-infrared light waves when heating, promotes blood circulation, strengthens metabolism, improves immunity, and plays a role in health care.

Product Dimensions330mm and 500mm, ranging in length from 500 to 5000mm
Rated power240W/m²
Rated voltage220V 50Hz
Waterproof levelIPX7
Leakage current≤0.25mA

Our most used floor heating film. Suitable for any type of floor.