Two world records for New More floor heating film.

A world record for 99% electric heating conversion rate and 97,885 hours of continuous service life.

On November 18th, 2020, the Fifth International Carbon Materials Conference and Industry Exhibition was in full swing in Shanghai. New More graphene electric heating film has successfully won a world record with 99% electric heating conversion rate and a world record for 97,885 hours of continuous service life. The test obtained the certification of the World Records Association, issued by Zhang Jian. the senior certification officer of the World Records Association. With its qualities, New More Technology has won in the field of graphene smart heating.

The cost and service life of graphene electric heating have always been topics of interest to many users. The verification of continuous service life needs to be judged by professional accelerated life test, and the cost of electricity is not based on the power, but the conversion efficiency of electric heat, whether the electricity is converted into applicable heat as much as possible.

The graphene heating material independently developed by the company uses graphene, the thinnest, hardest, thermally conductive, and best-known two-dimensional carbon nanomaterial graphene as the heating substrate. It has been successfully applied to the entire house for smart heating and infrastructure. Fields such as melting snow and ice, smart agriculture and constant warmth, smart drying and baking.