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New More Graphene heating

More warmth, less electricity use. Who does not want that? We produce floor and other heating products with Graphene. This super material warms up much faster than any other material. At the same time, it uses less electricity. Keep your home or business comfortably warm in those cold winters without spending too much money. Take a look at our products, or read more about Graphene.

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Material for the future

What is Graphene?

We do not often hear about new materials. Maybe because most are not so interesting. Graphene was first discovered in 2004. And scientists got very excited about it. Here is why: it’s super-strong and stiff, amazingly thin, almost completely transparent, extremely light, and an amazing conductor of electricity and heat. Especially that last one is why with New More floor and room heating products you get: more warmth, less electricity use. Do you want to know more?